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Aced Affairs

Meet D'Vanya

Wedding and Event Planner / Designer

Founded amidst the unparalleled times of the pandemic, Aced Affairs is the brainchild of the esteemed D'Vanya Hinsey, a connoisseur of luxury wedding and event planning. With a storied career spanning over a decade, D'Vanya is celebrated for her innovative and bespoke concepts that transform ordinary events into unforgettable experiences.


At Aced Affairs, we extend beyond the traditional boundaries of event planning; we become an integral part of your journey. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our dedication to crafting bespoke events that are as unique as our clients. For the discerning individual seeking to immortalize their nuptials in the serene opulence of the Bahamas, Aced Affairs offers not just a service, but an experience, tailored meticulously to your vision and desires.


How do we Ace it?

Step 1

First fill out our form with general initial information and your wedding/event date so we can confirm availability and send a preliminary quote.

Step 2

Should we be available for your date we will set up a preliminary consultation 

meeting or virtual call.

Consultation costs $150 and are credited to your overall invoice should you book.

Step 3

After our consultation you decide if you would like to move forward and sign our

e-signature proposal! .

Step 4

Confirm proposal and contract, sign and pay your deposit.

Step 5

Lets Ace It!

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